How Market? (A Silent Soliloquy)

(A silent soliloquy – written by Emmy Blinks)

The first time I heard the phrase
How Market?
It was harmless and was rather a very regular saying
That was years ago
Now this same phrase generates so much emotion within me
As I reflect on so many dreams, hopes and aspirations that were left hanging in the air

How Market?
What would he answer to this question?
That young boy that hoped to make his single mother proud someday
Took his education seriously, went through school and fought against all odds, only to be slapped by the cold hands of unemployment and a huge chain of unprofitable hustle that leaves him unable to take care of himself talk more of his single Mother

How Market?
What would she answer to this?
That young lady that kept herself despite the temptations that tried to overwhelm her
That lady that kept her virginity even when giving it away appeared much more lucrative and assured her of her dream future
Only for her to lose it to faceless men, not even in the name of love but in the name of abuse, rape n assault wearing masks of robbers, molesters and abusers

How Market?
What would that young Engineer say to this?
After spending long years in school with dreams of working in an oil company
He finally ends up as a filling station attendant
Maybe he still got his oil dreams though

How Market?
What about the youths?
The so called leaders of tomorrow
Even at old age, they are still being led by the same people that encouraged them to grow up and become the leaders of tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow will never come
Maybe following has fast become a special kind of leading

How Market?
What do they answer to this?
Being in a relationship for years
Faithful and committed to a simple course
only to have expectations cut short just at the brink of establishing the permanent union of souls

How Market?
What would they say
The ones that are gone forever
Years of hard work and hustle gone to waste
Just a few miles away from success
and the cold hands of death steal them untimely

How Market?
What about the ones that never got a chance to live
Lives cut short because the illegitimate parents saw them as unwanted
What about those ones that never had a chance to feel the love of their parents
What about those ones that grew up in the same environment with constant abuse and untold cruelty in the hands of guardians that were meant to love and protect them

How Market?
How has our aspirations fared?
How much of our dreams have being truly achieved?
What is left of our enthusiasm
Slowly we have given up on hopes, dreams and aspirations
Even hope has given up on itself
Slowly we have resigned ourselves to fate and we no longer care whatever card fate hands us
Though there’s very little to look up to
Though the negativity almost overwhelms the positivity
We can’t afford to give up now
One day, some how, things would get better
That’s hope
Hope is all we have
Hope is all we live for
I still silently look upon that future
When the question

How Market
Would bring sweet thoughts to my heart and bring memories of dreams achieved and a life well spent
But in the meantime I would keep having faith and hope even in a time of faithlessness and hopelessness
Because Hope is all I have
Hope is all I live for
One day
One day soon
When I hear the question
How Market?
I would have a reason to be glad I was a part of this generation.

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