Open Sesame Episode 1 (An Outside The Box Story)

Open Sesame Episode 1 (An Outside The Box Story)
Open Sesame Episode 1 (An Outside The Box Story)

(An Out Of The Box Story)
Episode 1

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, it’s therefore logical that I begin this story with the birth of a child, indeed I really should but this is no ordinary story, this is an OTB, and one aim of an OTB is to break the norm, you do understand right? That’s why as it is, I would begin this story from the end, never forget Steven Covey’s book, ‘seven habits of highly effective people’ I will therefore tell my story from the end so that you can truly understand this story by beginning with the end in mind.

My name is Emababa, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t baba for the girls, am just baba for ‘the everybody’
My name is Emababa and I am a multi billionaire….
Yea bring it on, typical humans always expect everyone to suffer, they would never believe when they hear positive things about you, I guess so many readers would want to hear that I am a sufferer but Job 5 vs 12 is working for me as it is.

Indeed I wasn’t born a multi-billionaire, now just so some people could really get comfortable since they feel everyone must suffer at some points in their lives, I was born a sufferer, when I say sufferer, there’s emphasis on the S, You won’t understand but if you ever had to give a testimony on Sunday in church that you had rice with cray fish, emphasis on the ‘cray fish’ during the week, then maybe you can relate with what I am talking about. If the fear of that soap opera titled ‘willi willi’ was a luxury you couldn’t afford, I mean you couldn’t even be scared by it because you didn’t even have an opportunity to watch it as your situation was so bad that even though you couldn’t afford a TV set, you also couldn’t afford to live in a neighborhood that your neighbors could afford a TV set, talk about breaking the magnetic law, for people like us, it was a case of negative attracting negative.

Sitting down to pen this overwhelms me with so much emotions, I imagine Reekado Banks singing ‘what do you do, when juice nor dey to mix my gin’ for me that is a big luxury, he even had money to buy the gin, we are talking about affording potable water and someone is complaining about the absence of juice, trust me when I say it was really bad, I remembered how elated and super heroic I felt, the first time I wore a pair of jeans or the first time I had a bottle of coke all to myself, I didn’t have to share with anyone for the first time in my life. I can remember the tears in my eyes the first time I had to eat jallof rice with chicken, OMG, I can’t forget those tears of joy…

Okay, shei you people are happy now, people that love to hear tales of suffering, hehehehe, okay it was bad sha but it wasn’t that bad, I guess I would begin this story from one of the most important events in my life, that definitely should be when I got into the university to study the only course that exists in the world, you know na.

This isn’t beginning from the end as it is sha but it’s like beginning from close to the end, my story begins with I and my losers, Hehehe, we didn’t nickname ourselves that way sha but I guess many ladies saw us as such, how did we even find ourselves, I guess it was still in line with the saying that like attracts like, we had so many things in common, but two things majorly stood out, we were great scholars but we were broke, when I say broke, I don’t mean the past tense of break, I mean broke as in ‘the condition of not having money’

Indeed I should begin this story with how I met my loser team, I guess it was one of those days you would refer to as ‘Not an ordinary day’ Finding one of them on that day would have been a big miracle but finding both of them on the same day was something I didn’t see coming, it has always remained one of those days I would never forget.

Written By: Emmy Blinks

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