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A Father And A Protector (Gecko Episode 5)


A Father And A Protector (Gecko Episode 5)

After I left the crime scene, I couldn’t afford to go back to the house for two reasons, firstly was the fact that I was scared that whoever dropped Heavy Dee might be unto me at that moment and so I didn’t want to put my roommates in any kind of danger, Secondly was that I needed a place where I could be alone, where I could sit down and really think about this, Heavy Dee was gone now, it was up to me to find a way out of the situation I now found myself.

I located a bar around G.R.A and sat my sorry ass down there, soaking myself in bottles of alcohol. I was really scared because if Heavy Dee could be hit, then anyone at all could also be hit. Heavy Dee wasn’t the kind of man to go down so easily, No!! I couldn’t help remembering the kind of brave man he was, I still recalled most of his deeds and it struck me as very odd that Heavy Dee could be dropped as easily as a chicken would be used for a feast.
Thoughts of the green colored gecko that was at the scene of the murder just couldn’t leave my head. I tried as much as possible to shake the thoughts off as mere co-incidence but the more I tried, the more the thoughts refused to disappear.

My initial worries before now were the fact that someone was trying to bring up ‘sparrow’ after such a very long while when we had all relaxed our nerves and tagged the unpleasant event as ‘dead and buried’ but at the moment, my worries had doubled with the appearance of the gecko, now I was seriously trying hard to focus my thoughts on the possible connections between the two, this was sure going to be one hell of a task for me if I was ever going to come out of this alive. As I sat there worrying myself sick and asking questions that no one could answer, my mind drifted back to how I met Heavy Dee. It was when I just got into three hundred level, I and Chijioke were course mates, studying a course we always referred to as ‘THE COURSE’ back in the days. We both studied mechanical engineering and though we weren’t among the top students in the class, we were both sound academically, at least our cumulative G.P.A at that point was on a very solid second class upper division. We lived together in an off campus poor looking, rickety, ‘face me I slap you’ one room apartment, not so far away from the school and we always went for classes and returned back to the house together.

During our second week of resumption into the first semester of our three hundred level, we had a class that stayed for rather too long and we had to go back to our off campus residence rather late at about 6.00pm as opposed to our usual 4.00pm. As we were walking back to our house we were accosted by three boys who just jumped out from nowhere and pounced on us, they asked I and Chijioke to sit on the floor as they began to question us concerning a particular girl called Rasheeda, This had nothing to do with me and this was not the first time Chijioke was been warned concerning Rasheeda. I had also warned him on many occasions concerning this same girl because rumors had it that she was the girlfriend of a notorious cultist but Chijioke wouldn’t listen, now he had also involved me in his mess, imagine me sitting on the ground being oppressed by three small boys that might even be lower than us in academic level and age.

The message was simple, they told us that the next time they saw us around Rasheeda, that it would mean we didn’t value our lives, I kept on staring at them as they spoke because I couldn’t understand my own fault in the issue, after all I wasn’t the one who was unnecessarily close to Rasheeda, I looked around with intent to cry for help but I could observe students passing by and acting like they couldn’t even see what was happening on the same road that they were passing. That was the ideal case in Ambrose Ali University, everyone learned to mind their business, a murder could even be happening in broad day light and students could pass by and act like they didn’t see anything or it didn’t mean anything.

The next thing that happened was that these boys asked us to submit our phones and our wallets, this was quite difficult for me, I didn’t have much money at that moment and the money in my wallet was almost all I had at that time, my phone wasn’t an expensive one, I bought it for about two thousand naira (second hand value) but I knew how difficult it would be to get another considering how much I had hustled to get that one in the first place.
Chijioke quickly submitted his wallet and phone but I held back and before I knew it, one of them kicked me hard on my back as I was still in my sitting position ‘you dey mad? You nor dey hear word?’ the bully roared in a voice that scared me. As I tried to touch my back in pain and attempted to bring out my wallet and phone, I heard another voice from behind me that was quite different from the familiar voices of the three bullies
‘what’s happening there?’

I almost screamed ‘thank you Jesus’ when I heard the voice, I was a hundred percent certain it was the police, we all turned back at the same time to see a very fat, huge and heavy looking guy or I would rather say man (because he did look like a man) walking towards us. The three boys stood their ground but as he drew closer to us, it seemed a sudden wave of realization hit them and they took to their heels and vanished into the bush.
The Heavy looking guy walked up to us, there were two other guys behind him though they weren’t as huge as he was but they were huge as well, he extended an handshake to me and as I received his hand, he pulled me up from the ground.

Chijioke was already up, the huge guy studied us for some seconds before he spoke ‘hope they weren’t giving you any troubles? Next time just do whatever it takes to avoid rascals like those’ He didn’t wait for our ‘thank you’ as he began to walk away,
‘Thank you’ I didn’t even know when I said that, he turned back and smiled and replied ‘you better leave this place now before they come back’ he chuckled as he said that, Chijioke quickly spoke before he could turn away ‘they took my phone and my wallet’. The huge guy stopped, turned to the other two guys that stood with him and they spoke in whispers, when they were through with their private discussion, he turned and spoke to Chijioke ‘don’t worry, you will get your items back by evening tomorrowAfter he said that, he began to walk away again, then he stopped, turned and faced us and said ‘by the way, you can call me Heavy Dee, I will be in touch with you’ with that he and his two guys walked away as I and Chijioke continued to stare till they were out of our sight.

True to his words, Much to our surprise at how he even located us, Heavy Dee visited us the next day evening in our poor looking one room ‘face me, I slap you’ apartment and true to his words he had Chijioke’s wallet and phone with him when he came. Saying we were grateful to him was an understatement, we almost worshiped him.
And that was how Heavy Dee became a caring friend and big brother figure to us, he always had our backs, bought us things, helped us whenever he could, no one disturbed Chijioke concerning Rasheeda again, no one tried to bully us again, indeed Heavy Dee became like a Father and protector to us on campus, we never knew he was merely preparing us to be initiated into the league of ‘THE GECKOS’.

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